Radeon Pro W5500 8GB Pci-e 4.0 16x 5x Dp USB-c Retail

Radeon Pro W5500 8GB Pci-e 4.0 16x 5x Dp USB-c Retail

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Four DisplayPort (DP) UHD outputs
Get ready for 8K support. We know offices are messy enough, so having connector blocks coupled to your computer is an additional hassle you don't always want. This is why we standardized the AMD RadeonT Pro W5500 to use four (4) professional DisplayPortT 1.4 outputs. Providing support for four 4K or 5K monitors or a single 8K display. These UHD outputs support all common 3D video formats. The DisplayPort standard offers superior bandwidth and can drive multiple monitors at a time. With the AMD RadeonT Pro W5500 you not only have superior software and performance, but you also have superior components for your professional workloads.

VR Ready Creator support
Get ready to be untethered. In addition to ISV certifications for major Engineering, Design and Digital Content Creation applications, AMD's Enterprise driver also supports both tethered and wireless Virtual Reality on VR-capable applications. RadeonT ReLive for VR not only eliminates the physical cable from the head mounted display to host computer, but also removes any additional cable, tripods or power requirements typically associated with 'lighthouse' tracking components of other VR solutions.1 Additionally, no line-of-site is required using RadeonT ReLive for VR. This provides users the ability to 'go anywhere' including around physical corners where the user doesn't have to consider or keep track of where the host computer resides.1

8GB high speed GDDR6 memory
Get ready to handle bigger datasets. Datasets are getting larger, and your application performance expectations are also rising. This is why we crammed the AMD RadeonT Pro W5500 with 8GB of high speed GDDR6 memory, helping ensure you have a graphics card with price and performance leadership.. The superior 8GB GDDR6 memory can handle large models and textures with smooth performance in your professional applications due to improved generation over generation memory bandwidth.2 This is further enhanced with comparatively low power consumption generationally. The AMD RadeonT Pro W5500 is built for your demanding 2D and 3D professional workloads, as well as equipped for the step into memory intensive VR and Real-time workflows.

High speed PCIe® 4.0 interface support
Get ready to achieve your best performance. Powered by the ground-breaking 7nm RDNA architecture, the AMD RadeonT Pro W5500 professional graphics card supports next generation PCI® Express 4.0 technology by harnessing a supercharged interface to boost 2D and 3D design workflows. The AMD RadeonT Pro W5500 workstation graphic card sets a new standard in performance bandwidth for graphics. PCI® Express 4.0 interface support enables 40% more bandwidth2 than the previous generation by increasing memory bandwidth. AMD propels PCIe 4.0 readiness for the most advanced motherboards, graphics, and storage technologies available, to forge the ultimate end user experience.

New RDNA architecture
Get ready for the latest innovations. The new AMD RadeonT Pro W5500 features the latest innovations in graphics technology. AMD leads the industry advancements by creating the world's first 7nm professional PC workstation graphics powered by the new RDNA architecture. This employs advanced manufacturing techniques at sizes less than the thickness of a sheet of paper. The RDNA architecture is designed with enhanced GPU features focused on performance. It's the DNA that equips engineers and designers with a powerful solution to perform beyond the traditional 3D design workloads and enrich content creators with advanced capabilities like GPU-accelerated rendering, virtual reality and real-time visualization for immersive interaction with their project.

Manual fan speed tuning
Get ready to maximize environment performance. The RadeonT Pro W5500 meets the needs of your environment. If you have a thermally-demanding workstation, or it is simply hotter outside, the customizable 'Fan Control' options in AMD RadeonT Pro Settings let you optimize performance when running demanding workloads, giving you the power to choose the best settings for your software. Additionally, we have not overlooked acoustics either, allowing you to run whisper quiet if that is your preference. Easy to use, Fan Control allows you to see your fan speed, while also setting minimum and target speeds, as well as acoustic limits. We have you covered when the heat is on.

125W max power consumption
Get ready to use less electricity While the AMD RadeonT Pro W5500 has a 125W maximum power consumption rating, you rarely reach this, typically when placing the card under intensive workloads like VR and Real-time. If your workflow's dependent on 2D and 3D professional design software then it's likely you will be running at a much lower power consumption due to our Radeon Pro Software driver's intelligent power usage capability. This efficiency is combined with reliability. The RadeonT Pro W5500 driver-set voltage defaults to use lower voltage in real-world professional workflows, offering superior power efficiencies for
common tasks like solid modelling, and model rotation, helping improve GPU reliability.

224GB/s high speed memory bandwidth
Get ready for exceptionally fast memory. The AMD RadeonT Pro W5500 is tuned for professional workloads, not only by its ground-breaking 7nm manufacturing techniques but also by its extreme memory bandwidth support of 224 gigabit per second. The more memory bandwidth speed you have in a GPU, the faster your professional viewports can draw. Of course extreme memory bandwidth is not all you need for today's demanding professional environment and the RadeonT Pro W5500 combines all its core features of RDNA architecture, driver software, variable power consumption, and high speed memory to drive this performance leadership for unmatched multitasking superiority, large dataset support and VR capabilities.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction
Streamlining workflows for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Design and Manufacturing
Peak Productivity for Design Engineers

AMD RDNA Architecture
RDNA architecture is designed for the next generation of high-performance gaming.

AMD Remote Workstation
Your workstation virtually anywhere.

AMD RadeonT Pro Software
AMD'?s powerful and reliable professional-grade graphics software designed to unleash your creativity.


Graphics processor family


Stream processors



Discrete graphics card memory

8 GB

Graphics card memory type


Memory bus

128 bit


224 GHz

Ports & interfaces

Interface type

PCI Express x16 4.0

DisplayPorts quantity


DisplayPort version



DirectX version


OpenGL version


OpenCL version



Cooling type


Fan diameter

24.1 cm

Bracket height

Full-Height (FH)

Product colour



Power consumption (typical)

125 W

Supplementary power connectors

1x 6-pin

No options for this product

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